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The Dreamer by E. J. Mellow

Say, readers, do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Have you tried reading books to ease your troubled mind and carry you off sleep? Do you sometimes find the books so enthralling that sleep is impossible because you just have to know what happens next? Well, this nothing like those books. You start reading this thing, you'll fall asleep in no time, really.

The story is of Molly, a young woman who has a steady job that pays for an apartment in New York City without having to rely on roommates, a loving family that cares for her, a BFF who works with her and is always there for her, and a really charming and thoughtful boyfriend who looks out for her. So, naturally, she is completely and utterly unsatisfied with her life and longs for more. But excitement comes in the form of literary getting struck by lightning and she starts having dreams in which she travels to another world. But the dreamworld she visits every night is very real, as is the massive super hunk that she meets there and she finds out that possesses unspeakable power in the world of her dreams. When she finds that she has the power to save both worlds from a terrible menace, Molly must chose between the waking world or the dreamworld.

First and foremost thoughts about this one are pretty straightforward: This book is pretty boring. Yeah, I didn't like this one very much. The idea of a world in which one dreams and being awake is an interesting one but, quite honestly, it does little to make me care about either one. As I hinted in my summary up there, Molly's life is pretty nice. She's self reliant in one of the most expensive places to live in the entire country, she's in a good relationship with a nice guy, and yet she's whining about how dull and boring her life is and how she wants more out of life. Um, does this broad even know how friggin' lucky she's got it? How many people would kill for a life like that? Yet, here she is pining away like, "Oh, how sad and humdrum my life is. Poor me." Really, girl? Ugh, she really annoyed me.

Now, about this dreamworld or Terra or...whatever. For a world built on the dreams of humans all around the world it really isn't very inventive. It's just a city where everybody wears black and travels by zip line and they all fight snot monsters that cause nightmares and...start wars or something. Come on, this is a world built literally around dreams! Do something cool. Have people able to fly or at least make it visually interesting or...something! True, they do say that Dreamers have powers that the natives to this land don't have while they're there but "Dreamers" are apparently really rare, super-special-special-people that our protagonist happens to be. Yeah, why they had to piece together some "Chosen One" crap straight out of nowhere is just random and comes off as childish (and this book is supposed to be for college age and up).

While we're talking about childishness, let's chat about this stupid romance subplot. Molly meets this dreamworld dweller named Dev and is instantly smitten with him despite having a boyfriend, and he's pretty much a colossal jerk. He'd rather put her in danger than explain things to her, keeps secrets that are really pointless just to be frustrating, and then he pulls the whole "I have to push you away and hurt you for your own protection" garbage that I hate. And, of course, Molly just "can't resist" this beautiful piece of dream man...even though there's that friggin' boyfriend I mentioned earlier. Oh, but heaven forbid she break up with him or stop pining over dream boy. She's just going to keep stringing them both along because hey, it's a dream so it doesn't count right? Well, in this situation, it really, really, does.

Lastly, the writing in this is just a mess at times. When you get passed the contrived romance, the overused plot lines, and the boring descriptions, you have to endure phrases like "finger-licking good", "get silly tonight", and hearing "my body is weightless" about seven or eight times. Although the one that really made me cringe was, "letting the tears course out of my body." Um, body? Where, other than your friggin' eyes, would tears come from, I wonder?

Final Verdict
Yeah, I didn't like this one. It was boring, slow, not very well written, and at times contrived. I was disappointed because a lot of people really liked this one and I just couldn't get into it. Maybe it's just me and some people might get into it so, if you still wanna give it a try, save your cash and check it out at your local library.

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