Thursday, May 4, 2017

Fate of Perfection by K. F. Breene

Never really knew what to expect with this book going into it, but I tend to find that's part of the charm with books. I generally don't like science fiction or dystopians all too much, as they've been done to death, but if anything's going to get me invested in those genres, this might just do it. The earth has been taken over by three enormous conglomerates; Moxidone, Gregon, and Toton (though in my mind I'd affectionately renamed them Disney, Google, and Target) and we see just how the power of human nature cannot be stopped.

Millicent Foster is a genetically perfected human and weapons designer for Moxidone when she's selected to take part in the breeding program. Together with the DNA of perfect human weapon (and super attractive) Mr. Ryker Gunner, they produce Marie, a girl who shows unbelievable power and can manipulate technology at only eighteen months old. But when it comes time to separate Millicent from her daughter, both mother and father strike back and seek to escape the conglomerates, and the planet, in hopes for a better life.

While I'd originally believed this would take more of a spy/thriller route, this story quickly turns into an action-packed roller coaster with chases, escapes, and close calls. It really would take a pair of perfect human beings to pull some of this stuff off as most people wouldn't be able to survive this kind of thing. Lots of explosions and damaged crafts (vehicles) take place, especially in the last hundred pages or so. While a lot of how they survive involves vast amounts of tech, which I admit kind of went over my head, it never gets out of hand or goes on too long. The action does take time to sit down and let the readers breathe before charging right back in, keeping the story well-paced as well as giving opportunities to explore the dystopian world.

As far as characters go, I was a bit worried about Millicent being too perfect, as this can lead to bland protagonists that get things done much too easily. However, as the story progresses, so does she. Yeah, she's able to hack her way out of situations most of the time, but she does struggle and develops as a character. She becomes more human as she steadily learns what it is to be human. Still, she's not much in the personality department, but she never got on my nerves or anything. Overall, she was fine. I was less impressed with Ryker, though. Now, he did seem too perfect and in more ways than one. He survives nearly everything and treats it like it's nothing and he's incredibly handsome and wonderful and protective and...I guess he's trying to be funny. Mostly he just goes on and on and on about how he wants to have sex with Millicent and it got a bit old pretty quick for me. He's also scary overprotective and constantly threatens to kill anyone who so much as looks at Millicent or Marie. I wasn't his biggest fan. But, for the problems I had with them, it's all made up for with the inclusion of Trent McAllister. Oh my gosh, I love this guy. He's the real source of comedy in this thing. He's a lab worker who was charged with Marie's care and he quickly gets swept up in the plot and he's just hilarious and awkward and just adorable! While it's clear he's in way over his head, Trent still manages to go along with things, bonds with the others and never flinches or hesitates to take care of Marie. I could read about him all day!

As far as drawbacks go, the writing can be a little hokey at times. Overall, it's fine but there are just a few things that stand out as being kinda silly. Like the bosses seeing the dangers of having Millicent enter the breeding program and turning their noses up like "oh, please, that would never happen." Cursed last words, I've always said this. Also, using phrases like "save the day" can come off as a bit corny and, as I said earlier, I got really sick of Ryker's innuendos. Still, it never goes too far where it feels gimmicky or that you can't take the story seriously.

Final Verdict
An action-packed ride worthy of any summer blockbuster. Clever, funny, heartfelt, and Trent McAllister. What more can I say? In the end, I'd say this sucker is definitely worth your money at your local bookstore!

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