Sunday, November 20, 2016

Doctor Who: The Stone Rose by Jacqueline Rayner

This month marks the second year of my being a Doctor Who fan! Hard to believe it took me so long to get into this series, but I'm really glad I did. Yet, even now, I have a hard time calling myself a true Whovian seeing as there are some fans out there way more knowledgable than me and I haven't seen any of the original episodes. Even so, when I saw this little beauty at the bookstore and saw that it featured my favorite Doctor (he's everyone's favorite, let's be honest), I just had to get it!

This story is of the Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler, as they happen upon a museum one day to make a strange discovery. A statue of the goddess Fortuna that looks exactly like Rose! The Doctor and Rose go back in time to ancient Rome to discover the mystery behind the statue but find several more mysteries taking place at the same time. People are going missing, a strange girl can predict the future, the Doctor must discover the truth before it's too late.

As one would expect, this reads exactly like an episode of the show, just with much more detail and more chances for twists and turns. Everyone in the book is wonderfully in character. The Doctor truly reads like the 10th Doctor would, with matching mannerisms and quirks. Rose is very well done too, very compassionate and kind but with an unfortunate affinity for getting herself into perilous situations. There's also a kindly Roman couple, the mysterious semi-accurate fortune teller, and an alarmingly skilled sculptor with a deadly secret. Each character has their time to shine and everyone has their part to play in the grand scheme.

As with any adventure the Doctor would find himself on, there are many layers to this story. The past, present, and future all blend together to add to the story. That being said, it does tend to make the story very complex. There's no straightforward answer, but a series of little answers that add up to a very complicated overall solution. Just the kind of thing that one would expect in a story about a guy who could travel through time. The story isn't without its fun, thought. It takes moments to allow the Doctor to be the Doctor and deal with the misadventures he tends to find himself in. For example: the Doctor in a gladiator fight. Enough said.

Final Verdict
The book isn't very long and makes for a pretty simple read, even if the ideas tend to get complex. Any fan of the show will enjoy it and I can say that it's definitely worth your money at your local bookstore!

Next Time: Ten little Indians, sitting down to dine....

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